A new year of SRC!

Quest’s Students’ Representative Council is a political body on campus that supports student initiatives, advocates for student interests and represents student voices. Each year, its agenda is somewhat different from that of the previous councils. And this year, they are focussing on the future of Quest!

All students at Quest are members of the Student Association and pay a small fee to the SRC, so that they can host events, support clubs and groups, provide Student Development Grants and get a variety of guest speakers, artists and performers to visit our campus. Major events include the annual Dancing Bear Music Festival, the Power Race and Privilege Symposium, and North-West Winter Fest(ival).

But starting this year, the SRC is working more closely with the Administration of Quest to plan for the future. Out of their cooperation, exciting opportunities have emerged, like the planning for a Student Union Building, renewed food services and a new space for musicians on campus. With a new constitution, a long-term financial plan and improved community-wide communications, they are continuing on the previous council’s track in preparing for a more influential position in the years to come.

But besides all the planning involved in these changes, the SRC is looking forward to a great year of student life at Quest, filled with new clubs, sweet events, and other exciting opportunities!

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