A new year, with new people, making a new Quest


Summer in Squamish is beautiful. The mountains are beckoning for you to climb them, the sun is forcing you to leave the house and dirt is perfect for those hefty bike tires to ride on. One first-year student told me she spent the summer hanging and working in Squamish before starting her career at Quest and loved it. Like this first year student, many Questies like to stay in Squamish for the summer which is more than understandable. The rest of the Quest population spent their summer doing a grand array of different activities, internships, jobs, adventures, and much, much more.

One of our first-year students, Josh, played in a band this summer named Cosmic Brew and made a living headlining and playing opening shows far and close to his home in BC. On the side, he worked as a server and played in the sun at his home in the Okanogan. Another first-year student that I talked to spent the summer working at a chocolate shop and traveling around Europe. img_8555

A returning fourth-year student spent their summer firefighting when there were fires in BC and doing forest work when there weren’t. Sophie, a third-year student worked in a medical genetics lab in Vancouver where she was working alongside personals in the field and eventually conducted her own research.


These are just a few stories of what Quest students did this summer and you can talk to hundreds more who have just as interesting of stories. I asked some of these students what their goals were for this year and this is what they told me:
First-year student: “I want to adopt the wholesome lifestyle of Squamish. I also kind of want to sheer a sheep and make a rug.”

First-year student: “This year, I want to make friends, succeed in school, and figure out the rest of my life.”

First-year student: “I really want to learn the guitar on the side, but mainly, I want to do well in school and study hard.”

Fourth-year student: “I’ve always wanted to rock climb the Chief and this year I think I will do it! I would also like to find a casual, noncommittal life partner.”

Third-year student: “This year I really want to try and keep my stress down.”

Third-year student: “I want to find a better balance in my life.”



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