Emily Bison – Mentor Profile

Name: Emily Bison

Year at Quest: 2nd year

Hometown: Kamloops, British Columbia

Question/ Interests: I love making soap, scrubs and anything else that makes the skin healthier and happier. I don’t know what my question will be yet, but I think it will delve into these interests.

Favourite Moment at Quest: one of my Quest tutors decided to make use of the school’s passes to the Sea to Sky Gondola and taught our Energy & Matter class in the summit lodge on a rainy day. No matter the weather, there is nothing like the coast mountains.

Most Amazing Thing Learned at Quest: Right now, it’s that non-polar molecules can still bond with each other, but it changes with every new class I take at Quest.

Best Advice: Natural talent can take you so far, but all great achievements come through hard work.

Coolest Thing Before Quest: My annual salmon fishing trip in Northern BC

A wish: To make all the soap without any of the risk.

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