That’s a (W)Rap!

Photo Credits to Kendrick Dettmers Photography

The summer was here, though the end is near

Clouds in the sky where it was once clear

Sunshine, lemonade and sizzling beef

Slowly change into the falling of leaves

Looking atop, if you ever did stop

You might see white on the mountain tops

The silence is blissful, the stillness is pure

And the wind is blowing from the hills to the shore

The moon peaks through, and stays for sight

Black bears wander woods underneath star light

Flickirings bugs ’round the lamps still bright

As crickets make music to liven the night


Not all is quiet, for if you would listen

In the distance a van is being driven

On the balcony, I sit with book and tea

and see a van drive from woods to street

And I what I see, excites to no end

For this van looks like its full of my friends

I know the voices which ring in my ear

Voices I’ve missed for half a year

Friends from far, and friends from near

Pop out their heads to joke and jeer

Slowly these buildings come back to life

Once silent halls now full of hype


Clitter and clatter as luggage is moved

the elevator blares (it’s angry and rude)

There’s shuffling abound, and propping of doors

And already there’s jams somewhere on the third floor

Guitars and Drums and maybe a fiddle

Melodic chatter, which sounds like drizzle

They talk and sing and often giggle

When voices are lost, together they whistle

Tonight we speak, leave the luggage in heaps

Till the sound of the creek puts us all to sleep

How strange to think my friends were gone

Now my dreaming heart welcomes them home.







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