Quest in the News: The World Comes to Squamish

A few months ago, the Squamish Chief reporter – Mike Chouinard, inspired by the ever increasing number of international students in Squamish, decided to write an encompassing article about these students perspectives, opinions, and experiences of life in Canada.

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Mr. Chouinard interviewed several students at Quest, including Herieth Ringo (Tanzania), Barbara Fernandes (Brazil), and myself (Kosovo). Even though we all had such different experiences prior to coming to Quest, based on our answers, it was evident that since we arrived in Squamish, we have always felt welcome and supported. While Quest is a small university of only about 750 students, almost 50 countries are represented in our campus, making it a very international and diverse campus.

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Apart from interviewing students at Quest, Mr. Chouinard interviewed several exchange students who were taking classes at the local high school. Similarly to us, the exchange students – Seprin Olmedo (Spain) and Lennart Notemann (Germany),  had very positive experiences in Canada and were very excited to have chosen Squamish to go on exchange. Specifically, Seprin said that his host family were a very positive asset to his stay in Canada, always making him feel like he was part of the family.

If you would like to read the previously mentioned article and learn more about international students perspectives in Canada, then please click here.

*All pictures in this blog were retrieved from the “The world comes to Squamish” article, published in the Squamish Chief.

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