Keeping Your Head Above the Clouds

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It’s another dull, gray day. The mountains have all but vanished behind thick clouds, the rain tipper-tappers endlessly on, as it has for two weeks, and the sun is already setting at 6pm. What I am describing is thankfully not what Quest looks like right now (quite the opposite), but it’s a place we’ve all known in our time here. Squamish weather compensates for the endless sun we receive in the summer months by transforming in the late fall and winter: becoming overcast, dark and constantly just…wet.

Now, it’s totally natural and a quite common to feel a bit down this time of year, whether that means low energy, lack of motivation or ‘the blues’. This is all part of the wider campus experience, after all, these symptoms are caused by ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’, or ‘SAD’, which in turn is caused by a Vitamin D deficiency, and this in turn we derive from sunlight. This is not a problem specific to Quest, but rather much of Canada and other similar temperate zones. I remember whilst undergoing a medical check-up in India, when I told the doctor I live in Canada, he immediately prescribed some Vitamin D supplements!

sad lampd

These fancy lights, though not appearing sun like, are able to imitate it.

There are many ways to deal with this annual affliction. For one, the Quest library is equipped with some very fancy looking ‘SAD Lamps’, or UV light lamps that simulate sunlight to replenish the body’s vitamin D. The rain can definitely not be the most encouraging, but if you’re into skiing, snowboarding or any other Whistler related activity, oftentimes the rain in Squamish can mean great things for the snow situation up there.

And if you’re not too much bothered by the rain, the outdoors of Squamish is beautiful throughout the year! Though, during this season it definitely is an awful lot muddier. Still, a little dirt never ruined a campfire or forest jog! Well… I mean, it definitely could… But who needs those anyway when your attitude can never be soiled! On a literal level at least…

Moving on!

The great thing about the colder months, aside from being able to wear hoodies, is that everything indoors becomes exponentially cozier. Especially cherished in this indoor season is good food. What can be better to cheer oneself up in the midst of a foggy week than a plate full of spicy butter chicken and a tall glass of coffee (I mean, probably most things if you’re vegan)? Anything indoors really, from food, hot beverages, sleeping, watching a movie to even gaming (cold is great for computers) is better in this time of year, and I for one believe that the fact that it is socially acceptable to rock ugly sweaters is just the icing on-top of the cake, on the subject of good food.


Food is just tastier when shared.

But all said and done, the cold indoor season of November through February is a time for reflection, change, development, and of course, taking it slow. It’s important in this time to treat oneself, so in these rainy days of gray and gloom, one always has something exciting to look forward to.

rainy squamish day

As the landscape becomes dull, clothing becomes bright and colourful.



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