Renew Your Quest: An Intellectual Summer Retreat for Adults

During each summer, our faculty and staff work hard to organize several programs and speaker series, such as Quest Summer Scholars Program, Summer Speaker Series, and finally, Renew Your Quest.

According to its website, “Renew Your Quest” is a summer program for adults who have been out of school for at least five years. This program is dedicated to those people who are looking to get challenged, to refocus through intellectual tasks, and to re-energize in an amazing location. Participants of this program, similarly to the participants of Quest Summer Scholars Program, engage in an academic course in the mornings and then participate in social and recreational activities in the afternoons and evenings. Renew Your Quest always takes place in the month of July, and lasts a total of five days.

Throughout the years, several courses have been taught during the Renew Your Quest programs, all of which have ranged in the area of study and focus. This past July, two amazing courses were taught by Dr. Neal Melvin and Dr. Curt Wasson, respectively. The first course, “A Day in the life of Your Brain,” taught by Dr. Melvin, meant to provide a basic overview of how brain cells generate behaviour. Topics discussed included the neurological basis of eating, social interactions, stress response, memory, and sleep. The second course, “Reading Don Quixote,” focused on better understanding and discussing the first Western modern novel, Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixonte de la Mancha. Member of this class focused in understanding the context in which this novel was written and how it still is relevant today in the course of world literature.

Both classes were very successful and participants had amazing things to say. Many of them had not taken an academic/university course in many years and had gotten busy working each day. As a result, taking a week off from the routine of life and spending it at Quest, showed to be very beneficial. All of the participants recommended everyone to sign up for “Renew our Quest” next year, since it truly is an amazing opportunity.

Participants of the “Renew Your Quest” had access to several facilities, including the gorgeous library building, where they were able to interact with each other, study, and refocus.


Apart from taking an academic course in the morning and early afternoon, members of “Renew Your Quest,” participated in various social and recreational activities in the afternoons and evenings. Some chose to explore the beautiful local area of Squamish by going on short walks, spending the afternoon by the lake, or just exploring our campus. Other members chose to participate in guided hikes, excursions, and other activities. Moreover, participants had the option of attending several workshops in the evenings, which were organized by our faculty. Such workshops, which turned out to be a major success, focused on the educational philosophy and pedagogy and lead several productive and informative debates.


Participants of “Renew Your Quest” even had the opportunity to go inside the Quest Apiary, guided by Michi Hunter – a Quest alumna.


I cannot believe that another “Renew Your Quest” has now come to an end. I have now been part, in a some way, of three renew your Quests, and am always amazed by the amount of work that our faculty and staff put into making this program a success. I cannot wait to see how this program expands and how more and more people will become interested in attending it.


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