Quest in the News: Squamish student optimizes local café

Recently, one of our summer fellows, Aaron Slobodin, created and implemented an optimal scheduling system for the popular downtown café, known as Zephyr Café. As mentioned in a previous blog post, the Quest Summer Fellows program, is a 12-week summer fellowship that gives several Quest students the opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of a Quest tutor. Aaron is one of the winners of this fellowship and he has been working hard all throughout the summer to implement several projects, one of which is the scheduling system project.

Aaron, due to his hard and successful work, was recently interviewed by a local newspaper, known as the Chief. The article, which was published a few days ago, is part of the new and recurring “About a Local” community feature. Through this feature, readers learn about a member of our community who is making a change or is doing something positive in the world. The most recent About a Local article, titled “Squamish student optimizes local café,” writes in detail about Aaron’s love for math, his most recent project with Zephyr café, and the importance of mathematics in everyday activities. If you would like to read the full article published by The Chief, then please click here.

In addition, if you know anyone in our community that is making a positive change and that members of our community should learn about, then you may write to


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