Hidden Treasures on Campus

Campus is much like a candle; see, a candle flickers most wildly just before it goes out. Just in this manner, the things that make Quest what it is escalate in their intensity just as the Spring semester draws to a abrupt close: creative collaboration, festivities, art, outdoor recreation and music (oh buddy, the music!) all explode onto campus life in a manner not seen before in the year; this is seen in several creative initiatives, whether they be the Dancing Bear Festival, Cabaret, or the Quest Tune Squad Album project. Its almost as if this community, through its art, is trying to grasp onto and bind itself together, knowing full well that in a few days this same community will be scattering into 700 home-bound directions.

And yet, even once everybody has packed up for the summer and gone home, the campus resonates with art for those of us who were left behind. Uncovered in the packing-moving-unpacking process, these pieces speak volumes of a homesickness waiting to hit; a desperate and beautiful attempt to hold onto a place by leaving a part of yourself; well, your spirit, within these campus walls. Without further adieu, I present some of the hidden art I’ve had the pleasure of walking past over the last couple of quiet days on an otherwise empty campus.


This piece was found by the entrance to the South Village Building Parkade; where denizens usually spent their last hours at Quest, loading luggage into their transportation. Does the decorated wheel celebrate mobility or travel? Or are these fairy lights entangling this wheel to stop it from moving away from its warm sanctuary?


art 2
This mural was discovered whilst I was cleaning the tables in my room. My guesstimation is that it has been waiting for at least 3 or 4 years. Despite this being a super pleasant startle, I should remind everybody not to paint on or underneath the tables as it can damage them. Still, it was a nice surprise, anonymous artist!


art 3
“Thats right!! You wish you were a sea dragon.” You are not wrong, my mural friend.


art 5
It took me a while to notice this one. Perhaps someone drew it to summon up the courage to finish that final assignment of the year? By the way, drawing on the windows isn’t allowed either, though I’d be lion if I say I didn’t like this.


art 4
A provocative piece I know many appreciate on their way to the academic building


art 6
I know the creative itch can be overwhelming sometimes, but luckily we do have a Quest Art Board in the Academic building to fulfill exactly that! Plus its a great platform to house all the doodles made in this building in one place.

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