Meet Your Summer Ambassador – Poema

Hello everyone!

Some of you may already know me from Preview Days, the Admit Event, and Campus Visits – my name is Poema and I have just finished my third year here at Quest University Canada. This summer I will be working in the Admissions Team as a Summer Ambassador with my friend and colleague Zuber Ahluwalia. As members of the Quest Admissions Team, similarly to my first summer here, we will be giving tours to prospective students, writing blog posts for the Admissions blog, and working on other exciting projects. I have written several blog posts where I have introduced myself in more detail, such as ‘Working in Admissions Throughout the Summer‘ and ‘Poema – Mentor Profile‘. As a result, I will try to keep this blog post short and write about things that I may have not written in quite the same detail before.


In case you are wondering where Kosovo is located – I provided this map that I obtained from, which shows the tiny country of Kosovo in light pink.


While I come from a small country called Kosovo, located in South-Eastern Europe, I have spent many years living abroad. First, at the age of five years old, my family and I moved to Belgium due to the ethnic conflict that was taking place in Kosovo. We lived in Brussels for almost two years, where I got to learn French, make a lot of new friends, and explore the surrounding countries of Western Europe. Afterwards we moved back to Kosovo where I lived until grade eleven. Then, in grade twelve I moved to the U.S. as an exchange student, where I had the opportunity to live with a host family and attend an American High School. Finally, as you may have guessed, after high school I moved to Squamish, BC to attend Quest.


Mariza, whom I have been babysitting the past three years, and myself enjoying a nice and warm sunny day in Squamish.


Deciding to attend Quest has been one of the most amazing decisions that I have ever made. First, I have been able to take amazing courses, design my own major, which here is in the form of a question, learn from kind and talented tutors, and work on amazing projects with hardworking friends. Second, I have been able to explore the beautiful town of Squamish and try several outdoor sports such as hiking, swimming in the lake, and skiing in Whistler. Third, I have met amazing people from countries all over the world including Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Brazil, and Italy who have truly become a second family to me. Finally, I have been able to get to know the Squamish community, from spending time with my host family  to babysitting for many families across the town. Thus, I truly feel blessed to have met such amazing people.


Enjoying a nice and sunny day on top of the Chief, after a long and tiring hike.

Summers in Squamish are my favourite time of the year, minus the fact that many of my friends are off campus and I do not get to see them for a long time. During the summer, the weather is amazing so many of us who stay here to work or take summer courses go swimming in the lake, have potlucks, go on hikes, and simply enjoy all the amazingness that Squamish has to offer. As a result, I am truly looking forward to this summer – from working in Admissions to going on crazy adventures – I already know it will be awesome.

Expects lots more blogs from myself and Zuber throughout the summer where we will be writing about different topics, such as life in Squamish during the summer, awesome things about Quest, meet our staff/tutors, and many more. It will be awesome!

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