Quest Mentor Introduction: Francesca (Checka) van Soest

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IMG_5488Name: Francesca (Checka) van Soest

Year at Quest: 2nd

Hometown: Vernon BC

Question/ Interests: What is the Nature of Olive Oil? History, culture, health, nutrition, organic chemistry, geology, archeology, marketing, language.

Favorite moment at Quest: Those, Aha!, moments of clarity and bliss that happen in classes and your whole world just seems to fall in place.IMG_6270

Future Life Aspirations: Become the worlds foremost expert on Olive Oil by travelling all over the world and tasting my way to expertise.

Most Amazing Thing Learned at Quest: How our world works, and how we can chose to interact in it.

Best Advice: Strive for ataraxia. Don’t stress about tomorrow, because it won’t fix tomorrow, it will only ruin your now.

Coolest Thing Before Quest: NORAM downhill ski racing, and backpacking Europe solo for 3 months right after highschool.

A Wish: I wish I had a dog.

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