Dancing Bear 2016

A bear? Dancing? What? Yes, DANCING BEAR!

Dancing Bear is Quest’s very own music festival, held on campus and open to the public. Occurring on the second weekend of April block, it is one of the most anticipated events of the year. It is the perfect way to end off the school year before summer vacation.

Each year features Quest student bands, as well as bigger names from the greater Vancouver area.


One of the bands, the Katherines, features Quest student Kate Kurdyak (middle). She is part of Quest’s Elite Performer program, enabling her to manage school with her growing music career.


Other performances included the Vancouver-based band Good For Grapes, who also performed at Quest’s NorthWest Winter Fest in 2014. The group is known to get the crowd on their feet, and students had a lot of fun dancing to the upbeat tunes.

Photo Credit: Kendrick Dettmers
Photo Credit: Kendrick Dettmers

The grey weather and light rain did not deter students from having a blast and dancing their hearts out. Rather than going inside to take cover, they got inventive.

Photo Credit: Kendrick Dettmers

Dancing Bear is my favourite Quest tradition. I am already looking forward to next year!

Photo Credit: Satori Clarke


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