Cabaret: an exposition of the arts at Quest

There are hidden talents in Quest students, ones that you might not know about until you see them exposed. We are artists, mathematicians, scientists and humanitarians, among other things, but mostly we are passionate creators. Cabaret is an opportunity to share our creations with the community.

Cabaret poster


Photograph by Josie Bauman

Cabaret has been a tradition at Quest for a couple of years now and is always an event to look forward to. Conveniently, it happens to coincide with our Admit Event, in which a set of admitted students come to stay on campus for the weekend to experience life at Quest. The admitted students get to interact with the community and enjoy the show.

Photograph by Josie Bauman


Photograph by Josie Bauman

Performances are loosely soaked in a specific theme every year, this year’s theme was “definition”. Pieces are inspired around the theme but are not necessarily restricted to it.  For the first time, the event took place in the gymnasium, giving out a different and interesting vibe as it challenged what we usually defined as the space for Cabaret. The lighting was dim and the beautiful art pieces stood out in front of the faces that admired them.


Photograph by Josie Bauman


Photograph by Josie Bauman

From 7-8pm, attendees were allowed to wander around the art installations and get lost in the different pieces. It was intimate because Quest is a small community and chances were that you knew the artists from the exposition. There was a lot of diversity in the mediums presented, which included painting, photography, poetry, sculptures and videos. Below is a video I made for the exposition called “La Marea” which translates to English as ” The Tide”.


At 8pm lights went down and the stage was on focus, the performance was about to begin. The acts were as diverse as the art exposition varying from music to acro yoga, spoken word, comedy and dance. The group of student performers, volunteers and coordinators all invested many hours of hard work into the show and their efforts were seen in the final product.

I am excited to see the theme for next year and the performances that come up! Cabaret is, and will remain, one of my favourite parts of the Quest experience.





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