International Dance Party

They say dance is cheap therapy, and it’s true. Dancing can be fun, social, expressive and liberating. As part of Mondial we organized an International dance party. We collected music from around the world and gave it to one of our students who is a DJ.

The highlights of the event included dancing to a song called “limbo” while actually doing the limbo.  As the song advanced, the limbo bar went down until it was really challenging; nevertheless, we had very talented folks who owned it!


When music from a student’s culture came on, they would start dancing the way it is done in their country. It was fun and enriching to join and be part of that experience together. There was also a balance between dancing in smaller groups, in pairs or as a big group. It was interesting to see how groups changed depending on the culture of the music.


Personally, dance is a big part of my culture and one of the things I miss the most, as back home we like to dance at parties, family reunions and basically anywhere we can fit it in. Other international students feel the same way. Parties at Quest include lots of dancing, but it was nice to get to dance to music from around the world.


This is the first time an International dance party has happened and we look forward to maintaining the tradition in future years. As Quest grows, so does its diversity and that is something worth celebrating.

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