Last year, a few upper year students decided to undertake a huge project – the creation of an interdisciplinary academic journal.

This journal, which they called Momenta, was a great success. Many students submitted pieces of academic work, which were then reviewed by peer reviewers. I was one of the reviewers last year, and it was a great experience getting to see the top academic work from my fellow Quest students. We wrote feedback, scored papers, and gave our verdict. It was interesting seeing how an academic journal actually functions, and being part of the process gave me a perspective from which I could understand the world of academia a little better.


This year, I had the pleasure of being on Momenta’s Editorial board. We were passionate about continuing the journal, and not letting it fall into obscurity. I was also a peer reviewer, and it was fascinating getting to read a bunch of papers and seeing the quality work that students submitted. We also made the final calls about which papers were submitted to the Faculty Review Board, which was really quite interesting. Reading over the other peer reviewers comments and scores was a lot of fun, and it looks like we’ll have some excellent papers coming out in our 2016 issue. We are currently waiting to hear back from the the Faculty Review Board about the final decisions, and after that, line editing will begin (eww). Then formatting, printing, and distribution! We are also planning on having a Momenta 2016 launch event (#momenta2k16), and a thank you get-together for all the people involved in making Momenta happen this year.

It was fantastic being part of the process, and I am thrilled to be part of Momenta again next year, as Editor-in-Chief.

If you are interested in reading Momenta or just checking it out, you can find our free online publication here.

Happy reading!

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