Quest Student Profiles: An Interview with Bayle

Bayle is a second year student from Vancouver. 

Why did you pick Quest?

I didn’t know what I wanted to study when I started to look for a university, so I wanted the opportunity to try more subjects before I decided on my academic plan. I also wanted to be near home since I have a lot of family in Vancouver, so Quest seemed like a good fit.

What is your question?

“What do you want to do and what’s stopping you?”

I just took Question block in December and so still have a lot of focusing to do. Basically, my question is looking into the barriers people face when trying to find or follow their passions. Quest is the type of place that encourages you to work around those barriers, so I think this has been a great place for me to start figuring out what I want to study.

What do you do outside of school at Quest?

I am the manager of the women’s soccer team, so especially in the fall I spend a lot of time with the team. I help out the coaches a bit, but am also there to support the girls both at practice and games. 

What class were you in last block?

The shoes Bayle created for her final project.
The shoes Bayle created for her final project. Photo cred to Keegan Pearson.

Last block I took a class called Sculptural Footwear. During this block we designed shoes with a sculptural base–shoes that are created to be seen–and learning about traditional shoe design and production. This was an elective block for me. I have never taken an artistic class so I wanted a chance to explore more creative pursuits and look into other ways of thinking. I figure there probably will not be another point in my life when a subject like this is so accessible so why not?

(The description for the Sculptural Footwear class from Quest’s

Another pair of shoes produced during the Sculptural Footwear course.
Another pair of shoes produced during the Sculptural Footwear course. Photo cred to Keegan Pearson.

course catalogue: Shoes are not always worn for comfort. This class will explore shoes that are created explicitly to be seen. Drawing upon traditional shoe design and production, we will create soft shoes that will be nailed, sewn, screwed, tied, glued, or otherwise attached to a sculptural base. Each student will create shoes that are conceptually driven and expertly crafted to create performative shoes that are worn to be seen.)

What is your favorite thing about Quest?

The small classes are great. I really appreciate getting time with tutors when I need it. I also like the collaborative rather than

Bayle with other Quest students at Quest's Dancing Bear Music Festival in April 2015.
Bayle (right) with other Quest students at Quest’s Dancing Bear Music Festival in April 2015.

competitive environment at Quest and the amount of people I have been able to work with.

If there was one thing you could change about Quest what would it be?

Better wifi. For most of the buildings on campus the wifi is fine but it can be a pain when you are in some of the residence buildings.

What advice would you give to other students?

Take courses that you think are interesting whether or not you think they will lead to a career or will apply specifically to your questions. It is better to take classes that you do not necessarily need but you are inspired by than follow a path you think you should and end up taking classes you do not really care about. You are here to pursue an education, not a degree, so make the most out of it.

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