Mondial: Travelling Dinner

This weekend we had yet another event as part of our Mondial month: Travelling Dinner. The idea was that students would travel form dorm to dorm, enjoying food from five different locations around the world.  Each student received a “passport” upon entering their first room. The goal was to get a stamp from each room to ensure everyone had a taste from all of the different countries/continents. We had students cooking food from Egypt, Brazil, Thailand, Belgium and China.

Poster made by MJ to market the event.

With the help of some friends, I made some delicious traditional Brazilian food which included a black bean stew, rice, and chocolate truffles. The stew is a famous Brazilian dish called feijoada. It includes a lot of beans, pork and sausage, and the rice was made with onions and garlic. The dessert is called brigadeiro, a finger dessert often served in birthday parties and other celebrations. I made a lot of food, and I did not expect so many people to show up. In about 20 minutes all of the food was gone, since the event was a huge success.

Brigadeiro Making Process


Feijoada, famous Brazilian black bean stew.


Dear friends, Katie and Ellie, enjoying some Brazilian food.


Kabsa dish from Egypt, made by Farrah.

One of my friends, Farrah, cooked some food from her home, Egypt. It was a delicious meal with rice and chicken called Kabsa. The added spices make the rice yellow and flavorful, and the vegetables add a nice touch of freshness. It was amazing to try dishes from all over the world in just one hour! The passport was a great way to encourage me to try other rooms and also a great memory from this experience.

Everyone enjoying Farrah’s delicious dish!


Farrah the lovely Egyptian chef 🙂


Me signing passports, while trying to eat some food from home.

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