The Inside Scoop: SRC Elections

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The Student Representative Council is much more than a source of money for the students’ projects and events. As the governing body of the Student Association at Quest, its responsibility is more broadly to protect the interests of all students, and to facilitate community. Each year, early in the Spring semester, we hold elections to find new SRC leaders and ministers. This year, I ran for Minister of Finance – an executive position – and here’s the inside scoop!

Throughout the February block, I was campaigning with my running-block-mates. For the first time since the founding of the SRC, candidates for the three executive positions (President, Vice-President and Minister of Finance) were allowed to combine their strengths and create a shared platform; the running-block. It is daunting to put your name on the ballot, to expose yourself to the entire community. But because campaigning involves a lot of dialogue with fellow students, I also found it to be a real treat. As a first year, new to this foreign hilltop, it is incredibly rewarding to be engaged in the community. Talking about the issues that are important to my peers, meeting new people, and juggling the campaign, meetings, academics and leisure, were all great experiences.

Now that we are elected, and the ministerial elections are just around the corner, it is time to start the work in preparation for next year. As the SRC has been growing, its ambitions have been, too. Exciting plans for autonomy, our own space on campus, and the hosting of a new set of events are all on the table. It is only with hard work, good communication, and a healthy environment that we can achieve these plans, so here’s to a great new year of campus politics!


Photo Credits: Kendrick Dettmers

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