Mondial: Month of International Diversity

Mondial – Month of International Diversity – has officially begun at Quest University Canada, and we are excited to elaborate on its progression in different blog posts for the next three weeks.

More than three months ago, many of us international students gathered in one of the student residences to talk about future events that could help celebrate and integrate the broad spectrum of students’ cultural backgrounds into the daily life on campus. During this conversation, a student proposed the idea of designating a month towards the celebration of our diverse community rather than organizing one single event. This month would include a series of talks, fun game nights, movie screenings, formal dances, and travelling dinners. In a unified voice, we all excitedly agreed towards the organization of this month that celebrates and recognizes internationalization. As weeks passed, we organized other meetings, and ultimately picked the month of March as our month of International Diversity. The event was officially named “Mondial.”

Mondial Posters-03
The official poster of “Mondial” as designed by our student, Lars Laichter, who has had a fundamental role in marketing this month. Thank you Lars!

Mondial will be Quest’s first month-long celebration of cultural diversity, taking place throughout the block of March. The aim of Mondial, as cited by our Minister of Internationalization Valeria Vergani, is “to claim space for cultural diversity on campus, to highlight the beauty and value of such diversity as a meaningful way to foster community, and to empower international students in the process  of mutual sharing through which we can create connection across difference”. In addition, Mondial aims at opening a space for dialogue about the status of diversity at Quest.

Throughout the block, the international community will host several activities, such as a travelling dinner, a dance party, global cafés, amongst many others. I will now briefly go through each event and explain what to expect during them. Language Tables will take place every Monday, where students will get to speak a certain language other than English. Global Café will take place every Tuesday, where two students will present on an specific issue/ holiday/ country. World Update will take place every Wednesday, where five students will present short, 5-minute presentations, about something that is happening around the world. Movie screenings will take place every Thursday, where students will watch movies from Greece, Czech Republic, and a documentary. The Power, Race, and Privilege symposium is taking place on the first Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm. A Travelling Dinner is taking place on the second Friday, where five rooms in two residence building will be making dinner/desserts and serving them to our community. International Dance Night is taking place on the second Saturday, from 8 pm – 11 pm on the third floor of the Library. Finally, the Caribbean night is taking place on the third Friday from 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm  (Ossa Lounge), and International Mega Trivia is taking place on the third Saturday.

Please see the provided calendar for a clearer and a more concise representation of when and where each event will be taking place.

Mondial Posters-01
Designed by Lars Laichter.

As seen, Mondial, is going to be one busy month filled with lots of events. Many students have poured a lot of work into making this month a success, and I would like to express my gratitude to every single one of them. The organizing committee’s hard work goes a long way, and I am very thankful to be surrounded by so many hardworking and amazing people. I look forward to attending these events and learning more about our campus’ diversity. Please come back to to read follow-up blog posts, which will highlight each event in more detail.

Featured Image and Video created by Lars Laichter.

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