Getting sick at Quest

Guess what?  In the middle of writing this post I got really sick,  so now I believe I am freshly equipped with the knowledge to tell you about being ill in college. Getting sick is not the first thing that comes to mind when planning for university, but nevertheless an important consideration in staying healthy.

I am not going to lie, being ill on the block plan is tough. There is not much time to spare and homework deadlines still exist, but then getting sick isn’t fun in any context. Luckily at Quest, we have various support systems designed to make health a priority.


Both Mental and Physical health facilities are in the same area


The closest resource is the Satellite Clinic located on-campus, making it very accessible.  The clinic works with an online booking system that lets you pick among the dates available for a check-up. The physicians that work there are from Squamish and come up around two times a week and will be able to fully examine you. To get checked you need to bring your BC health card or insurance card if you are not from Canada. Sometimes people will require medicine that needs to be picked up from the pharmacy, the doctors will give you a prescription and then you will have to go to town to get it (approximately a 30 min walk or 10 min bus ride).


The waiting area outside the Satellite Clinic


The second option is the Walk-in Clinic in Squamish, which is open Monday to Fridays 9am to 8pm, Saturdays and Sundays 10am to 4pm. It is best to get there early, as you might find a line of people and have to wait for a little while. The Walk-in-Clinic works in the same way the Satellite Clinic does, with the exception that it is on a first come basis and that they will ask you for more information the first time you come.


The Walk-in-Clinic in Squamish


The third option, if it is something really urgent, is the Squamish Hospital – this is where ambulances will take you if it is serious.  Depending on the case, appointments can be made with certain physicians but there is also a 24-hour emergency room.


The Squamish Hospital


Squamish is also very fortunate to have Options for Sexual Health clinic. At the Opt clinic there is access to free STI screening, counselling services, specialized physicians and nurses, and birth control available for a discounted rate.

Last but not least Squamish has psychiatrists that you can contact on your own or get referred to by the counsellors here at Quest.  Squamish is a small town so the services mentioned on this list are easily accessible through public transit, although having a vehicle can come in really handy.


* This is not an exclusive list of health services available in Squamish but just a starter with the basics, I hope it is useful to you!


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