Quest outside the classroom

This month I had my first block after having completed all of my required courses. I rewarded myself by spending my time meeting with the President, Student Affairs staff, and students about how to increase discussions regarding the community. I also worked on applying for jobs post-Quest, catching-up with friends, working for Admissions, and having the best days of my life outside. With my flexibility, I was able to work on all of the outdoor co-curricular activities students participate in here (except mountain biking -still on my bucket list). Some generous friends took me out climbing in town. In Squamish they have something called “crack climbing” where someone had the somewhat bizarre idea to climb up rocks through wedging their body parts (primarily hands and feet) into the cracks that traverse the surface. It was luckily sunny for a large amount of the week so we drove to the local bluffs and harnessed ourselves in. It was an incredible and ridiculous experience. I have identified as an athletic or outdoorsy person, but somehow studying at Quest, the self-declared outdoor capital of Canada, turned me into someone who is now addicted to climbing up cracks in rocks. I am grateful to have had the opportunity before graduating to take advantage of our natural resources in the surrounding area. The experience goes to show what can happen with the right attitude, company, and courage.

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