Beating Campus Hill Fever (Crossfit Squamish)

Quest has the policy that (almost) all students must live on campus for all four years of your undergraduate. A question that is often posed by visiting students and parents is “How do you like living in such a small community? Does it ever feel cramped?”  To which I always respond with “No”, which is not usually what they are expecting.

Now, I know that many students do at times feel like campus can be a pretty small place, but there are ways to get around our small size. Personally, I beat the “Campus Hill Fever” (as it is often called) by being a part of the amazing community at Crossfit Squamish located right at the bottom of the hill. I joined Crossfit in my hometown years before coming to Quest, and so it was one of the first things I searched for when I came to Quest. It is such a great excuse to blow off some steam, meet locals, be healthy, and to catch a break from on campus life. By doing this I have come to appreciate how great the town is that we live in, and I have also gained a fondness for the smallness of our campus. Quest often feels like a really big family, as opposed to a smaller community, and sometimes it takes a bit of a break to truly appreciate the amazing family you have.

Crossfit has also been a great way to get to know upper year Quest students that live off campus, as well as various faculty members that go, like Melanie Koenderman our Dean of Students.

I am currently participating in a 5 week long competition at the gym called the Crossfit Open, which is the first step in making it to the Crossfit Games. We compete every Friday evening, where we run heats to make sure everyone has room. Pretty much everyone that is a part of the gym shows up to support everyone, whether they are competing themselves or not, and it makes for an amazingly fun and supportive environment.

Last Friday, one of my biggest supporters was actually Melanie, as her heat ran right after mine. I don’t know of too many other university students who can say they have had their Dean of Students yelling encouragement at them while they push themselves to their absolute max. It’s a pretty great feeling. And that’s why I don’t ever feel cramped; because yes, we are small but there are ways to work around that. And I would rather be up on this little hill with our high concentration of amazing people, than be at any other larger school.

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