Highlights of my Education

Now that I have finished my last required course for Quest (besides the final one, which is called Keystone and involves line-editing the final document of our final project similar to an Honors thesis, preparing our final presentation, and reflecting on our past four years), I have the opportunity to reflect on my entire Quest educational experience.

One of the main reasons I chose to come to Quest was for the seriousness of the academics. I value education immensely and previously was attending a College where I was set to get a degree with uninspired fellow classmates who were also set to get degrees, but were less excited about their education.

I was excited to join a campus community that was residential as I support the idea that the university experience involves much more than what occurs inside of a classroom. Upon reflection, I have concluded that most of my important lessons happened outside of what others might consider academics.

Through an Exchange to India, I learnt that I am worth more than my grades and my community involvement.

Through burning out after being on the Student Council, running the Wellness Club, taking higher level courses, and continuing all the other clubs I had joined, I learnt that saying yes to everything eventually results in the inability to do anything.

Through social dance club, I learnt that if the reason you are saying no is fear, you should reconsider. The majority of what I’ve fallen in love with at Quest are things I was too intimidated to try during my first three years here.

Through spontaneous adventures, I learnt that the best memories are unplanned.

Through being surrounded by friends and loved ones all the time, I learnt that to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself.


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