What is a Question?

Hi all! Here at Quest, all students have to go through 3 “rights of passage” of 3 core blocks. The first is Cornerstone (your map to learning at Quest), the 2nd is Question (what I just completed and will be elaborating on in this post) and the last is Keystone (a final project that encompasses what you’ve learned during your time at Quest).

Question block was essentially created in order to guide students towards choosing a “Question” that fits them and fits their goals. But, what is a Question?! A “Question” is how we declare our “majors” here at Quest. Of course, being an interdisciplinary university means that a majority of students integrate a variety of disciplines when they create their questions. This is unique from choosing a traditional major within one discipline or faculty at another institution.

For example, my Question is “How can we deliver effective healthcare?” I have chosen to focus on 6 different areas of study: Canadian policy and politics, health sciences, economics, medical anthropology, medical sociology and ethics. The disciplines or focus areas I have chosen were selected largely because of my personal and academic interests.

During Question block, aside from choosing a Question, you will also design the next 2 years of your degree with the guiding hand of a “mentor”. A mentor, is a tutor (professor) who shares your academic interests and hopes to provide you with guidance and support for the remaining years of your degree. “Designing” your degree essentially means choosing your core concentration classes that are directly related to your Question, elective classes that are not necessarily related to your Question. You will also be and devising a plan for both your experiential learning (hands-on learning as a volunteer or work opportunity) and brainstorming a possible keystone project.

Reflecting back on this last block, I have come to realize how valuable Question block really is. In a span of 3.5 weeks I’ve coherently articulated what I wish to study to my peers, my tutors, and also to myself!

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