Community Day in Photos

Community Day is a day in which the Quest community gets the day off class and can sign-up to go on many adventures. This year’s focus was on the importance of finding a balance between work (school, work, assignments) and play (fun, sports). Our lovely Student Affairs team, with the help of the whole campus community, organized several events from different workshops, cooking classes, to snowshoeing and skiing in Whistler, amongst others. Below are a few of the activities we did this year:

Trail maintenance at paradise valley. Photo cred: Celia Pratt.


Garibaldi Elementary School: reading with children. Photo cred: Rachel Davis.


Tubing at the Sea to Sky Gondola. Photo cred: Michaela Slinger.
Tubing at the Sea to Sky Gondola. Photo cred: Amar Khakh.


Fire and Ice: polar bear jump and sweat lodge. Photo cred: Elin Williams


Snowshoeing. Photo cred: Krystle.



Cooking and eating a lunch with the Squamish aboriginal community.
Cooking and eating a meal with the Squamish nation elders. Photo cred: Nadine Norman.


Skiing in Whistler. Photo cred: Poema Kazazi.

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