Winter Break in California 2.0

Writing a blog post about my winter break adventures has become a tradition for me since I came to Quest three years ago. I spent my first break in Langley, BC with my roommates Katie and Barbara, during which we went tobogganing, baked and decorated different kinds of cookies, went on walks, and cooked delicious food. For my second winter break, I went to California to spend two weeks with my brother and dad. We visited several beaches, went skiing near Lake Tahoe, went to Universal Studios, and even visited San Francisco. Now I have just come back from my third winter break during which I had such a lovely time and am very excited to write more about my adventures.

I left Canadian winter wonderland on the third week of December after spending one night with Natasha and Mike’s family, for whom I have been babysitting for the past three years. The night before we decorated ornaments for the tree, watched a movie, and made dinner together. Once I made it to California, the winter wonderland got substituted with sunshine, warm weather, and palm trees. I had really missed the sunshine.

Natasha and I in Squamish before leaving to go to the YVR International Airport.

Since my brother goes to University in Los Angeles, this winter break I decided to go visit him again. This year my mother and my little sister Melodi came from Kosovo, which made my experience much more enjoyable, fun, and filled with joy. Upon my request, we spent the first few days mostly outside in parks, playgrounds, and farms. My favourite place was the Underwood Family Farm in Moorpark. We saw the animal centre, picked our own fresh produce, went to the farm market, and even got to bottle feed baby goats.

Blin, Melodi, and I having fun in a local park.


Melodi, my little sister, celebrated her 8th birthday only a few days before coming to the USA. Thus, we decided to throw her a little birthday surprise comprised of a cake (made with ice-cream!) decorated with ballerinas, lots of decorations, and even two helium balloons which are her favourites. She was so happy and kept jumping and dancing around. I have not celebrated Melodi’s birthday with her since she was four, thus, this moment was very special not just for her but for me as well. The next day, we stayed indoors and introduced Melodi to some winter break traditions. She got to build her very first Gingerbread house, decorate sugar cookies, and make tree ornaments.


Melodi posing with her Gingerbread house, she is very excited and happy with the outcome.

The weather got much better, so again we spent quite a bit of time outdoors. Since I tend to spend a big chunk of time indoors when attending school due to doing homework and having meetings, spending this much time outdoors while it was warm outside was quite amazing! We went to the beach and played with my brother’s kite, watched a beautiful sunset in Santa Monica, ate funnel cake for the first time, went to the LA Zoo, and even saw the Hollywood sign from the Griffith Observatory.




And then we went to Disney Land…

As a birthday present to Melodi, we decided to take her (not like we did not want to go either) to Disney Land. She has watched several Disney movies and quite enjoys them, thus, we thought that this would be such a lovely adventure for all of us. We went on several rides such as Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, and many more. We also met several Disney characters, with whom Melodi really liked taking pictures. This day was packed with lots of walking and often running, but it definitely was one of the happiest and most adventurous days of the trip. Now wonder why they call Disney Land the happiest place on Earth.


For the rest of the break we took things a bit more easily. We did several other smaller adventures such as going to a Sky High Trampoline park, bowling, eating different kinds of ice-cream, and watching a funny movie in the movie theatre.

This winter break was amazing and I am really happy that I got to spend it with my family members. Now I am back in Canada and have just started the new semester. I truly look forward to more adventures, trips, and memories with my family and friends.


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