Balloons and Rocket Cars

Sometimes it can feel like Quest is in its own little wold on top of a hill, tucked up in the mountains. While this is great sometimes, feeling like a part of the larger Squamish community is also nice, and luckily there are lots of ways to get involved.

Let’s Talk Science is a national program with a branch at Quest University. Students from Quest go to elementary schools that have requested it, and run workshops related to science.

Lets talk science

This past week I helped out with a small machines and physics workshop. To demonstrate the ideas they were talking about in class we built cars out of pop bottles and straws, using air coming out of a straw for propulsion.


Wrangling the kids into a state of cooperation was easier than expected, and most of the cars ended up actually rolling.

Demonstration car from balloon car instructions
Demonstration car from balloon car instructions

They were a great group to work with and I will definitely be working with them again.

If you’re interesting in making your own balloon car the instructions can be found here:


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