Ode to Weekends*

Kayaking is fun,

Kayaking is great,

kayaking is what I did this weekend,

on a real fun friend date.


we paddled up, and paddled down,

paddled all around the sound.


We did this in our kayaks

and we brought our dry sacks

to keep our food,

from getting screwed,

by getting wet and wack.


To get the kayaks on the truck,

now this took a bit of luck.

But with few tries

And lots of ties,

To the back, they were stuck.


We took them down to the beach,

Where one at a time, for them each,

Placed them in water,

with a bit of a totter,

And paddled away with no one to teach.


Because normally we guide,

And to the guests we are tied,


So kayaking for fun in a bit of a novelty,

you could say a bit of an oddity,

to go where we please,

travel with ease,

And not have to think about you being wobbly.


Squamish is the place to be,

with an attitude carefree,

Mountains and rivers,

to give you the shivers,

We even have more than one tree



*Disclaimer: This work in no way represents the large amount of artistic talent found at this school.




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