Emotional Intelligence, Busy Schedules, and Block Breaks

I am going to attempt to provide an example of a block in the life of a Questie.


My current class, which happens to be my last concentration, is called Emotional Intelligence. It is a phenomenal class of experiential learning where we discover and investigate the skills associated with emotional intelligence. It’s so fascinating to be taking such a different approach to academics. We are constantly asked to reflect on our selves and in the first week did a full-class check-in at the start of every single class. I have never had the experience of being treated fully as an emotional being when walking into a classroom and the difference in that tactic was immensely refreshing. It is a rewarding and challenging process to step-outside of what we think of as academics and valid within these areas to explore our own lives and our emotions. This course has given me the opportunity to make note of, and reflect on, my patterns, processes, and feelings.

Class is always only one aspect of a Quest student’s life.

My schedule is crazy busy this month. Without including the larger events, physical activity, or other clubs/groups I want to join/ do occasionally, I am part of:


Swing, Salsa, and Blues dancing

Stress and Anxiety Resilience Building Group

Body Love Club

Vagina Monologues

Poetry Circle

Quest Writer’s Society

Working for Admissions

Being a floor rep.

Keystone (running sessions for two hours each week: planning, coordinating, etc.)

Other happenings going on include working with groups for class, having potlucks (both for class and outside of class), birthday parties, wine and cheese, counselling session, Anything But English Open Mic, and Preview Day.

(Thank goodness Whistler isn’t open for ski season yet).

Now that we’re reaching the end of the block I am thinking about Block Break plans

Last block break I had a fantastic time with the Adventure Club going to Tofino and having my first surfing experience. The time before that I took some of my friends back home, which is about an hour and a half away from Squamish driving. This block break I’m thinking I might do the same as the first and invite friends to join me at home as a means of both having adventures and getting off campus. With such a busy schedule it is important to find balance and take breaks.

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