Block Break Adventures: Seattle, WA

A few months ago, my friend Hannah from Norway, mentioned that she was going to Seattle for block break since her aunt lives there. In the same day, a few other friends mentioned that they were going to Seattle for block break to explore the city, visit the Art Museum, and do some shopping. This shows, I think, that students at Quest go to Seattle quite often due to a short driving distance and the awesome activities that this city has to offer. However, due to other work and travel responsibilities, I had never been able to go to Seattle. At least not until this past block break.

Since I told my friend Hannah, with whom I took two French classes and often play Squash, that I really wanted to visit Seattle, this past block she invited me and Barbara to go there together and stay at her aunt’s place. I could not say no to this invitation because it was the perfect opportunity to get to know my friends better and visit Seattle. We ended up leaving on Thursday with Aysa, who is another Quest student. The drive was beautiful, which included big highways, lots of trees, huge farming lands, and lots of birds. I truly enjoyed every single part of it!

We made it Seattle in the afternoon and then took a ferry to go to Erica’s (Hannah’s aunt) house, who happened to live in Bainbridge Island, an island nearby the city. Erica was lovely, she made us feel like we were in our own homes by cooking a delicious dinner, getting to know us better, familiarizing us with her house (and pets!), and telling us about her life back in Germany. After dinner, we all went to the movie theatre and watched a lovely movie that had just come out. It was the perfect ending to a lovely day.

In the ferry on our way to Bainbridge Island!

The next day, we woke up bright and early, ready to explore Seattle. We had breakfast – pita bread, Nutella, bananas, and coffee. It was delicious! Afterwards we made our way to the ferry and Seattle eventually. First, we explored Pike Place Market. This is a public market overlooking the Elliott Bay waterfront in Seattle. It was opened in 1907 and it is one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers’ markets in the United States. There were many tents and kiosks, with many businesses selling merchandise, craft, and fresh produce. I heard that it is one of Seattle’s most popular tourist destinations with more than 10 million visitors annually.

Exploring Pike Place Market!


Afterwards we visited the very first Starbucks’ café, opened in 1971 by three partners who met while they were students at the University of San Francisco. Apparently the company took the name of the chief mate in the book Moby-Dick: Starbuck, something that I had known before. It was really interesting visiting the very first Starbucks café, since this is such a big company located in numerous part of the world. Interesting fact: The company has opened an average of two new locations daily between 1987 and 2007.

Barbara and I in front of the world’s first Starbucks cafe.














Afterwards we went to the Seattle Art Museum, known as SAM, which has three major facilities. This day we visited the one located downtown. The museum was absolutely breathtaking! Apparently the SAM has around 25,000 pieces as of 2008, this is unbelievable. I loved looking at old paintings, some of which were as old as 500 years.


Mesmerized by a beautiful painting.

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the city, window shopping, drinking Starbucks, and taking pictures. Once we made it home, we had dinner and then watched a funny movie.

The next day Hannah decided to stay at home, so Barbara and I went to the city together. This day, we decided to visit the Seattle Asian Art Museum, which is located inside Volunteer Part in Capitol Hill. We took two buses to go there and the drive was quite long, but once we made it to the park and the museum we realized that the wait was worth it. The park was relaxing, peaceful, and really beautiful. Whereas, the museum was small but really elegant, impactful, and had quite a bit of visitors.

Barbara in front of the Seattle Asian Art Museum.


Enjoying the sunny day in Volunteer Park.

We even found a pond with ducks!



We spent the rest of the day exploring the city, visiting different stores, having a really delicious lunch, and then making our way back to Erica’s house. Since we were leaving on Sunday morning, we spent Saturday evening packing, getting to know Erica’s children, and just talking about our day. Barbara and I were quite tired after walking all day long, but it was worth it. We made it back to Quest on Sunday afternoon.


Walking around Seattle!

What a lovely block break this one was! I am so happy that I finally go to see Seattle and am very thankful to Hannah and her aunt, Erica, for hosting us. In addition, I am so happy that Barbara joined us in this trip, she made everything funnier and more joyful. I look forward to visiting Seattle again in the near future since I really liked it.


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