Politics of Health in South Africa: Field Course

One of the great parts of the block program at Quest is the ability to run block-long field courses. Field courses are courses that focus on a certain topic in a specific area. Students are able to go to these locations and learn about them in an intense three and a half week period, without sacrificing other classes. Some field courses that run at Quest include the Visual Anthropology course in Northern India, an Antarctica field course, and a Development of Belize course. This coming December block, a course called The Politics of Health in South Africa is running for the first time. I am lucky enough to be able to participate in this course starting in two weeks.

Quest students in Antarctica
Quest student during Visual Anthropology in Northern India

This past October block was spent in a preparatory block of the same title. Along with the ten students who will be traveling to South Africa, there were ten additional Quest students who took the block as a stand-alone course. We spent time learning about the political history of South Africa, and delved into the largest health issues that the country is dealing with. The course had a heavy workload that we were happy to take on, as it meant we would be more prepared once we were actually in South Africa. It was especially nice to read pieces written by researchers and academics that we are going to meet and speak with once we arrive.

While this is quite a short introductory post, I will be adding posts as the course takes place, and once I arrive home. We have been told that we will have limited internet access once we arrive in South Africa, so I am hoping to post blogs once I have arrived in France (!) for winter break.

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