Turn of the Seasons

The weather may seem slightly irrelevant to the bigger picture of higher education and Quest University, but it plays an important role in the life of the students. This time of year is always an interesting one. With cold fronts becoming more common and sunshine becoming less common, the student body is adjusting to the big change. The days are becoming shorter and the shorts and summer dresses are being packed away. It’s hard for us to admit it, but we are approaching winter. There are a lot of Quest students, including me, that are excited for the winter activities to begin, but also sad to say goodbye to the warm weather. This time of year is also full of academic and social adjustments while students are finding their niches and deeply exploring their academic interests.


Photo: North Village residence surrounded by fall colors

The colors around campus are vibrant and beautiful. The snow line is now visible and the everyone’s clothing is being worn in layers. However beautiful, this weather can sometimes make you feel down and sad. Because of this, Quest has wonderful counseling services, S.A.D lamps in the library, wellness events, puppy days, and live music around campus.


Photo: Puppy day on Monday, November 2nd.


Photo: Students sit back, read the campus newspaper and enjoy live music on a weekday morning.

At this time, we just start to accept the cold, turn the heat up in the residence buildings and cozy up. The key is to stay social and optimistic, take time for yourself and delve into what works for you. Finding the balance of sleep, friends, school, other obligations, exercise, food and maybe even a job. Once you find your balance, everything seems a bit easier. Quest has an amazing support system that works towards keeping students happy and healthy. Even as the days are getting shorter, you can find comfort in the incredible community and support from your professors on a daily basis.



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