Becoming an Internet Sensation in 30 Days

Life outside of Quest is a surreal concept. When you’re on the block plan system, it’s a bit hard to think past the end of the block, let alone into the summer or past graduation. But this is a question that I, as well as lots of current and prospective students, wonder: what do people do after Quest?

Generation Y Not preparing to eat rocky mountain oysters (bull testicles). Photo cred to Generation Y Not.

Students from Quest can go on to do some pretty amazing things. Quest students have gone into master programs ranging from art to neuroscience to social work to environmental engineering. There are former Quest students pursuing PhDs and law degrees, and who are now in medical school. Other Quest students have gone straight into their own version of the work force, starting up their own businesses, or in the case of one student, becoming an internet sensation.

Generation Y Not at Toronto Fashion Week. Photo cred to Generation Y Not.
Generation Y Not at Toronto Fashion Week. Photo cred to Generation Y Not.

At the start of July, Quest student Ammar Kandil and three of his friends–Thomas Brag, Matt Dajer and Derin Emre–committed to creating a short video everyday, for 30 days, doing things they had never done before. Over the course of the month, they ate ghost peppers, rocky mountain oysters, and scorpions. They raised $500 for a homeless shelter in less than a day, went river surfing, and made a secret handshake with the Montreal mayor. They also drafted three Chelsea FC soccer players to their intramural team, because why not? And they did this all on a $500 budget. 

About halfway through the month, their videos started going viral. Their YouTube channel (  has almost 700,000 views. Since the end

Ammar Kandil skydiving in Generation Y Not's most recent video. Photo cred to Ammar Kandil.
Ammar Kandil skydiving in Generation Y Not’s most recent video. Photo cred to Ammar Kandil.

of their 30-day self-challence, the group, known as Generation Y Not, has not given up on their vision. They are continuing to make videos and do things outside of their comfort zones to inspire others to do what they want in life, to push their own comfort zones.

Quest students are creative, innovative, curious and passionate and constantly pushing the boundaries of social norms. This is why we succeed outside of Quest, no matter what our passion. And that is what makes us thrive outside of Quest. Congratulations to Ammar on where his passion and creativity has taken him! Can’t wait to see what adventures you have in store next!

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