Quest Takes over Tofino!

The Thursday morning ferry to Nanaimo (on Vancouver Island) was full of over 50 Quest students headed to adventure in Tofino for block break.


The Quest Adventure club organizes an annual trip to Tofino during the October block break. They had a total of 23 students (including student leaders and student first aid responders). Many other groups drove them selves to Tofino and either camped next to the adventure club or rented cabins. The campsite was taken over by Questies, with almost the entire line of beach front sites Quest student groups.


There are many very popular surfing beaches in Tofino. Students with a varied level of experience played in the waves on the trip, some very skilled helping others learn how to surf, and others whom had never swam in the Pacific ocean. I had been surfing before, but only in warm water. It was incredible how warm a wetsuit keeps you; I was able to stay in the freezing cold water for hours and be totally fine.


Most people rented gear – there are so many rental shops in Tofino. A lot of students got boards and suits for the entire trip, and others just for a day or two. A few friends and I rented just for the day and then explored Tofino for the other days. We went on long walks down the beaches, explored the shops in town, brought lunch down to our friends surfing, and played volleyball on the beach.


Camping was a blast! The weather held out for us and was incredible, with awesome sunsets and early morning swims. A few nights we had big camp fires with the Quest crew down on the beach, camp games were played and a few people brought out their guitars. Block breaks are a great chance to get off campus and see something new. Tofino is always a memorable trip and a place everyone wants to explore again.



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