Romeo and Juliet: An Opportunity to Get Off Campus

Several times throughout the year Quest students are invited to watch a play at Langara College. Langara’s Studio 58 is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and this time they put on a version of Romeo and Juliet. Around 20 Quest students took advantage of this opportunity and headed to Vancouver on a free Quest shuttle.


It was great to be able to leave campus for the night and experience an incredible performance. We got to the theater at around 7:30pm and received our free tickets. We had 30 minutes before the show. There were several posters giving us some background about the actors and actresses that would be performing that night. After going around and looking at the posters we had a pretty good idea of the amazing background of the cast. In addition to the posters, there was also a station with a pottery piece that had won several awards. Thus, we were able to see and experience the arts from another campus.


While waiting we were also able to enjoy beverages and snacks, and chat about our classes and the excitement for the play. It was finally time to start so we headed to the door and gave our tickets. As we enter the venue there is a party going on. All of the actors were dressed up, dancing, and interacting with the audience as they enter. The small venue allowed for intimacy between the performers and the audience, and the party setting was an exciting and different way to begin the spectacle.


After the party mix and mingle the play starts. It was great to watch fellow students put on such a high quality performance. The show took us on an emotional ride through the well-known story of Shakespeare while adding innovative new perspectives and sceneries.


This was just one of the several plays at Langara that me and my friends have been to. It is a great opportunity to get off campus, meet new student artists, and experience good theater.


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