Residence Life

Quest is a little village with housing buildings surrounding upper campus. In general, all students live on campus while they study at Quest, with some exceptions. We have 6 different housing buildings. First, the Peaks are two practically identical buildings, Red Tusk and Ossa, which are are full of single rooms (2 rooms to 1 bathroom) as well as some professor offices, and recreational rooms for all students. Each floor in both buildings have one to two community kitchens and a study room. Students of all years will chose single rooms because of the personal space conducive to better concentration and focus. These buildings have their own communities that throw events, hang out and host school wide activities. Nevertheless, when living in these residences it can be easier to hermit away.


Red Tusk
Community Kitchen

The next closest buildings to upper campus are The Villages. Again, almost identical, North and South Village have small condo style rooms. Typically, there are four people to a room but some rooms are made for three people. There is one laundry facility and communal kitchen per building. These building are composed of very social rooms and floors that also host their own room events and school wide activities. Usually, every person that lives in the Villages has one roommate and share a living room, balcony and kitchenette with another two roommates. Each bedroom has a bathroom, one or two closets, and a balcony. These buildings are prominently first and second years with some third and forth year students.

Quest University Canada3,studyco
North Village
Living room
1-person bedroom. (Usually there are two beds, no desk)

On the far side of campus, there are two more residence buildings, Riverside and Swift Creek. These buildings are primarily upper year students and are apartment style. It depends on the room, but most rooms can hold around 6 people. A perk of Riverside and Swift Creek is the full kitchen and washing and drying machines that are present in all the rooms. Socially, these rooms can hold larger events because of their sheer size. Many dance parties, pot lucks, meetings and cooking gatherings are held in these rooms. In Riverside there is also the re-use-it center that is Quest’s own unique little thrift store.


The residences are chosen based on seniority, but they are all very new and much nicer than typical university dorms. All residence styles are great, and the different options cater to different needs of students.

For more information on the Residences (specifically the Peaks and the Villages), watch this youtube video!

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