Lets Go Help Build an Earthship?

A call went out to students mid-September for an exciting block break trip. A Quest student had heard of an organization that was doing a work party to help build an Earthship near Penticton BC and organized a block break trip to volunteer with them. Not knowing anything about an Earthship, I looked into it a bit and signed up right away.

Earth Ship. Image From: “Convection banner 1” by Amzi Smith – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons
The site from a distance.








An Earthship is a passive solar, sustainable home made of both natural and recycled materials. The home we were helping to build was in the beginning stages. We were able to help out with many different things. This particular build was very exciting because it’s one of the first legal permitted Earthships in British Columbia. There was an incredible team of volunteers and professionals helping out at the build. We were lucky to have the head engineer on site while we were there. He gave a presentation one evening to help us understand more about the structure of Earthships, the legal obstacles and how he was involved. 

Tire walls are very common in Earthships. They keep heat in/out of the home. We helped to fill the gaps between tires.
Mud work.

Camping on site, and sharing meals with the other volunteers and professionals while being part of such a special build was incredible.

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