Thanksgiving at Quest

Thanksgiving is sometimes a hard holiday to celebrate away from family.

For me, that is definitely the case. I am used to 10-20 people in a room, sharing a meal together with people that I’ve known for my entire life.
This year, I was not able to go home for Thanksgiving as I’m from Nova Scotia. But, in a Quest-like fashion, it really didn’t bother me that I wasn’t able to return home as I have such amazing people surrounding me!

On Sunday I ended up having to work at my part time job as a waitress in Squamish until 5pm. Therefore, I was not home for most of the day. When I returned back to Quest that evening I came home to a lovely spread of food that my roommates had so thoughtfully prepared that day. They set up dinner music, candles and even decorated for the meal!

The dinner table!
The dinner table!

It was such a thoughtful, loving gesture that I couldn’t even miss being home because I realized that I have the most supportive and loving family right at Quest!

It is so nice to have the most amazing people surrounding me. <3

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