Floor Reppin’

I have the privilege of being one of the members of the Residence Council this year. My role is a “floor representative” in one of our buildings. My floor has about 40 students and my job is to check-in on them and ensure they are doing well. I am a supporter and community-builder. Unlike an RA, I do not have a task of disciplining my peers, but instead should find ways to bring them together. So far we have had three floor meetings and several floor hangouts. We have done activities like “First Impressions” (writing the first impression you have of everyone on a piece of paper on their back -to be returned before Christmas Break along with a booklet of “lasting impressions” which will be memories and positive thoughts people have developed of each other over the course of the semester).

I call my floor members “floorbies” and they come into my room regularly (I leave the door open to ensure easy access).

Some of our other events include:

Pancake brunch, story-time, music jams, friendship bracelet making, movies (Fight Club, Brother Bear, and The Conjuring), and designing envelopes with our names to put in the hallway for “Warm and Fuzzies” (writing nice notes and giving little treats to each other). I am co-coordinating an event for my floorbies to go to one of the upper year rooms on another part of campus to make apple pie with any interested upper years, so that the first years and upper years can meet each other.

My floor has bonded amazingly. Whenever I check-in on any room, there are always people from the other rooms hanging out with each other. I have many future ideas in mind (including a “floormal” where we dress up super classy and go to Tim Hortons) and I’m excited to see what is in store for the rest of the year.

“What conditions optimize a sense of belonging?” is my Question and it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to experiment with a floor of my own.

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