CSA Boxes at Quest

Fall is in the air here at Quest. After a rainy weekend accompanying move in, the sun is back out. It’s nice and warm, perfect lake weather, and the trees that line the road to Quest are starting to change colors! With the amazing beauty of Squamish in September comes all the delicious produce from local farms in the area as well.

Last year, a couple of Quest students organized a CSA program with a local farm. This year, the program is running again with CSA boxes coming from three local farms. Each week, students who have signed up receive a box with a variety of fruits and veggies (and sometimes eggs)!

Quest students with one of the CSA boxes.

The students organizing also post recipes on how to use the ingredients, since some of them are pretty unusual (I, for one, had never cooked with a lemon cucumber before). These CSA boxes are a great way for Quest students to sample local produce, eat healthier, and connect with locals living around the Squamish area!

Example of one of last week’s CSA boxes.

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