Working at Quest over the summer


With the arrival of fall along with all the new faces on campus I decided to sit down and look back on my summertime at Quest. Home is far away for me and I decided that at least for this summer, staying in Squamish was the best decision. Quest offers various opportunities for students over the summer, and one of those is to get hired for a job on campus. The jobs include maintenance, cleaning, landscaping, painting, conferencing, working in admissions and being a member of the project crew. I was hired to be a painter and along with my team members we spent part of our sunny days painting the walls of our school. Some days would be physically demanding, but we got through them by encouraging each other and turning up the tunes. I am happy to say that I will never hire a painter again because I will be able to do the job by myself. Learning from work was awesome, getting free housing (which you do!) was great, but seeing a different vibe to Quest was the most interesting. The first two months of summer campus is still buzzing, a quieter buzz but nevertheless a buzz, as students taking summer blocks are still around. However when the two months come to an end, student employees are most of what’s left.

Rollercoaster at Play Land. Picture taken from


On the Quest for the teddy bear

Being my first year at Quest, I had never been around so few people on campus, however I learned more about the value of small groups because I got to know individuals on a more personal level, plus we were all neighbours and coworkers. Another great aspect of working over the summer was getting to know the staff a bit better, to appreciate their work and to respect them for all their efforts to keep campus as organized as it can be. A fun memory comes from the day we had a teambuilding trip and we got to go to Play land together. Play land is an amusement park in Vancouver and during our visit we rode both the scary and the not so scary rollercoasters, ate lots of cotton candy, had lunch together and attempted (but failed) to win a giant teddy bear.


Sam Smith performing “Stay with me”.

Aside from on campus related events, Squamish and Vancouver are both filled with activities. From the traditional farmer markets to the Squamish Valley music festival to which Quest students get the chance to work or volunteer on. I decided to take the opportunity to work but at the same time I got to see some of my favourite acts during my breaks. These included Sam Smith, Mumford and sons, Of monsters and men and Vance Joy.

If you ever get the chance to stay in Squamish for the summer, I would say do it because in contrast with it’s rainy months, summer in squamish is full of sunshine, warmth, and blue skies that give the backdrop to the green mountains. My school vacation was filled with lots of paint-stained clothes, drives to the lake, evenings of singing and jamming, watermelon, Cherry Garcia ice cream, giggles and awesome people. A new year has begun and I’ve acquired a new perspective that I’m sure other student employees share. Now I see the walls in the little café, or the hallways of the academic building and I feel satisfaction because I don’t just see a wall anymore, I see my work and time.

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