Summer in Squamish

At the end of my second year at Quest, I had began to contemplate about my summer plans. After thinking for a while I decided to spend my summer in Squamish, where I would work for the Admissions Team. However, due to a very large number of students interested to work on campus and a limited number of work positions, I ended up not getting a job on campus. I was very upset indeed and I began to think that there were not any job openings elsewhere, which would then result in me travelling back home.


Surprisingly, there were many job opportunities in the Squamish community. Since Quest University Canada hosted a job fair on campus I, along with all the students, had the chance to meet local businesses that were looking for summer employees. It was a great opportunity to network and give my resume to the ones that interested me. There were many service jobs but also a lot of internship and career opportunities.

Out and about during work.

After learning about many job openings in Squamish I sent out the necessary applications to the businesses that interested me.  Finding a job turned out to be much easier than I had initially thought. However, the struggle did not end there since then I had to find a place to live. My best friends suggested that I should work as a live-in nanny since that way I would have a job and a place to stay. I absolutely love kids; thus, this idea seemed amazing.

Day off exploring.

I started looking for way to connect with the families in Squamish and discovered that there was Facebook page geared specifically to finding nannies and babysitters. I wrote an introduction and asked interested families to contact me. I was astonished to find out that many families had messaged me and wanted to set up an interview.  After going to many interviews I found a family that was close to Quest so I could still easily hang out with all of my friends staying here for the summer. I moved into their house at the end of the school year and began working on the next Monday.

Porteau Cove
Enjoying a sunny day at Porteau Cove.

It was amazing to witness, in a matter of only a few days, the rainy Squamish turn into a sunny and beautiful town. The busy class routine always kept me busy and did not give me the opportunity to explore Squamish as much as I wanted. As soon as I had the opportunity, I set out to discover new and exciting places around town. I went swimming as often as possible and discovered Murrin Lake, Brohm Lake, Alice Lake and Cat Lake. I visited Alice Lake more often since it is a quick 20 minute bike ride from campus.  I also had the chance to go to Porteau Cove Beach, Shannon Falls and Brandywine Falls, all of which are located along the Sea to Sky Highway.

Diving through the Sea to Sky highway and stopping at Shannon Falls.
Driving through the Sea to Sky highway and stopping at Shannon Falls.

Besides exploring the beautiful outdoors around Squamish, I also visited many of the great local restaurants. Some of them are the Watershed, Birds Nest, and Essence of India. I had never been to many of these restaurant before, but I was astonished by their delicious food and great customer service. Squamish is truly thriving with great local food from fancier, authentic restaurants to simpler coffee shops.

View from the Watershed restaurant in Squamish.

Staying in Squamish for the summer was such a great opportunity since I got to explore the area in a way that I was not able to during the school year. It is great to be going into my third year at Quest, which will be home for the next 8 months.


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