Welcome Class of 2019!

Summer is officially over, and our new first years have begun arriving on campus, bringing our international diversity to a total of 47 different countries. Orientation will be all this weekend, filled with chaotic unpacking, awkward icebreaker activities, and courageous explorations of new terrains. Friendships will be quickly created throughout the weekend and at the annual Hullaballoo musical celebration, as students gear up for Cornerstone.
Cornerstone is the first class all incoming students take, introducing them to working on the tight schedule of the block plan, thinking in interdisciplinary ways, and experiencing the first of many group projects and problem solving scenarios they will endure together throughout their time here. Our fourth year students are also back, many perhaps still with the sleep of warm sunny afternoons spent sunbathing, rock climbing, or swimming still stuck in the corners of their eyes. But soon they will be caught in the grind of graduation requirements, as their chosen faculty advisers (gently) pressure them for their Keystone drafts and any “lost” Touchstone essays.
At Quest, time has a feeling of being self-contradictory. It speeds by so quickly block by block that it’s common to feel as though you arrived on campus for the first time just yesterday; however, the community and family way of life makes you simultaneously feel as though you’ve been a part of Quest all your life. It’s an easy place to fall in love with, and a difficult one to leave. For both fourth and first years alike, this year will be spent half in angst and half in celebration, as stress and excitement collide together during the commencement or conclusion of their adventures here. And soon another graduating class will be announcing their good-byes and heading off on new journeys, whether that be graduate school at the London School of Economics, job hunting for a software engineering position at Nike, traveling the world creating a documentary, or self-constructing another unique path. Whatever this year holds for each of these individuals, it’s sure to be wonderful. Happy Fall everyone and Welcome Home!

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