5 Things You’ve Seen About University In Movies and Why They Are Totally True: Part 1

If you’re anything like me you have likely seen quite a few movies about the college experience or about university. Whether a romanticized drama like The Social Network or a slapstick comedy with no boundaries like Animal House, movies are an incredible way to help shape the ideas around the post-secondary education experience, both inside and outside of the classroom! A lot of the things found in these movies can seem pretty far-fetched… but others are pretty accurate! Here are 5 things, split into 5 separate blog posts, that you’ve seen about university in movies and why they are totally true… well… at least at Quest!

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Quest always looks like a scene from a movie…. always…. It’s so movie like there’s a new film crew on Campus every week.

1. We Design Our Own Degree – Accepted

At this point I assume everyone is familiar with the now iconic Jonah Hill – Justin Long film “Accepted”. A film in which a group of friends, who failed to find a way into literally any other college, found themselves creating a fake institution, the South Harmon Institute of Technology. A sister school of the evil mega-college, aptly titled, Harmon. It’s the perfect way to trick your parents into thinking your bound for success… that is until the fake website you created actually accepts everyone that applies and they arrive on the doorstep of the old psychiatric hospital you rented out to convince your father of your already huge lie…

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This is the moment when you realize how much you screwed up…

So what does any of that have to do with Quest? Great question reader! It has nothing to do with Quest! Except for this one little scene here!

Ok… So maybe that’s a little too liberal for us. But the idea is there! At Quest students design their own degree! We take everything from Astrophysics to Journalism to Comparative Political institutions and maybe even a studio art course! Quest has a huge range or courses that students can take and because we, as students, are encouraged to look at our academic plans and paths in a diverse and multi-dimensional way merging academic disciplines and pursuing what you are passionate about is the norm!

One of the most exciting elements of Quest is its ability to allow students to pursue what they want to learn about. Whether it’s through a pre-designed course that is offered, an individually designed Experiential Learning that all students are required to take, or an Independent Study where you work directly with a tutor to create a personalized course unique to your interests and your academic pursuits!

If you enjoyed this blog then be sure to check back next week for Part 2:  University Is Just Like Attending Hogwarts…

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