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QUC Graduates-349
Photo by: Kendrick Dettmers

Well I did it. Four days from now I’ll walk across that stage and officially be a graduate of Quest University Canada. To be honest it’s pretty surreal. I’ve spent my last four years here learning and growing as a person and it’s crazy to think that I won’t be returning next fall. So what’s next for me? That’s a question that has been asked over and over, but I’m finally having some answers, at least in the short term. A few months ago I applied to Birthright, a program that sends people to Israel for a ten day trip. I was recently accepted into the program and am happy to announce I’ll be heading out on June 7th. Believe it or not I won’t be flying out of Seattle though (near my home), I’ll be flying out of Bozeman, Montana. I’ve never been to Montana before in my life, actually I’ve never even been to the middle of the country either. I’m going on mostly a whim although my best friend lives there. I have no real plans to land my dream job immediately or find some crazy purpose but my theory is as long as I’m in the mountains I’ll be happy. If any of you reading this are thinking of going to Quest my advice is simply to do it: find a way to come here. The last few years have definitely been the best ones of my life and there’s no doubt I’m going to miss this place.





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