Floor reps at Quest

Quest is a tight-knit community, but keeping the peace on campus isn’t always easy. There are many groups that work towards maintaining a safe and happy campus, including campus security, the emergency first response team, village advisors, and floor reps. The floor reps are something quite unique to Quest, and I credit them with building and maintaining a sense of community on campus.

What are floor reps:

Floor reps are similar to residence assistants (RA’s) at other universities, but they don’t exert a punitive role, and it is a volunteer position. Each floor has one floor rep whose purpose is to build and maintain a comfortable, safe floor. And they do it because they love Quest and want to be more involved in the community – not for financial compensation.

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How are floor reps chosen:

Unlike RA’s who simply send in an application and are selected by the school’s administration, floor reps are elected by the students. This is great because Quest is still small enough to know everyone and know who you think would be a good floor rep. Elections take place in March, and each candidate must submit a short blurb saying why they want to be a floor rep and what qualities will make them a good floor rep. This year 45 students ran for one of 20 floor rep positions!

floor rep 1Floor rep 2

What do floor reps do:

Floor reps help run orientation, have weekly meetings to discuss health and wellness and campus safety, are trained in first aid and suicide prevention, and host floor events.

They are on-call 24-7. All of the students have access to this phone. They are typically the first line of defense for an issue.

On-call floor rep
Kyle is on-call and ready for anything

When they are first elected they get to choose a theme for their floor. These themes include active living, health and wellness, food and films, and arts and culture. This way incoming students will be placed on floors that align with their interests. Not only will they be matched with roommates, but theoretically their neighbors will also have the same interests.

On the first Sunday of each block, students collect in their floor rep’s room where they tell us about upcoming events, inform us of any changes on campus, and plan events for the floor. These events include potlucks, capture the flag, movie nights, brunch, etc… Each floor has a budget so that the floor reps are able to buy baking supplies, tea, prizes for games, decorations, etc. This weekend my floor rep Kyle and Elly, a newly elected floor rep, planned an Amazing Race-like scavenger hunt around campus. On Sunday we had a massive brunch with another floor. We all helped with preparing the food, and then ate on the balcony and lounged around in the sun for hours. These events will be some of my most memorable times at Quest.

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Snacks for the floor meeting
amazing race
My wonderful Amazing Race team!

In sum, floor reps are a neat and unique aspect of Quest that contributes to campus safety and culture.

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