Research at Quest

Research opportunities at Quest are there but applying for them is half the battle. Being a university that doesn’t prioritize research, from faculty or students, when an opportunity comes around you need to jump on it because the competition is fierce. There are only a total of eight summer research positions, which can have almost double the amount of applicants. However, if you have an excellent proposal and get the position it could open up so many doors and produce research that can either be a potential Keystone or even have a longer reaching effect.

I was very recently selected to participate in this program in which I will be performing research in conjunction with Woodfibre LNG at their proposed building site. The scope of the project is to quantify the relationship between the construction and operational noise/vibrations and how it travels through geologic structures into Howe Sound. The motivation behind it is to either dispel concerns that residents have for the marine life in the Sound or to allow Woodfibre to make changes to current plans based on my findings. Of course there is so much more detail to this study, which I designed with the help of Quest Tutor Steve Quane. This research will serve as my Keystone, Experiential Learning, and a summer job. This means that I will be set to graduate, having completed all of this, next April. This project allows be to fully explore my question, “How can we best exploit earths natural resources?”, looking at how to make the natural resource industry as fluid as possible while keeping them accountable and smooth. This is the perfect project for myself and this opportunity is applicable to most Quest students who have an interest in research.

Applying for these positions can look great on a CV, graduate program application, and for personal growth. Quest has these resources and are wanting to see a wide range of proposals across multiple disciplines. So when looking at whether Quest has anything to offer you the opportunities are there.

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