Learning French at Quest

Bonjour tout le monde,

Je m’appelle Poema et je suis étudiante à Quest Univerity Canada.

About four weeks ago I embarked on a new journey, a journey that I had been planning and thinking about for many years. I started to learn French!

I have always really wanted to learn French. Therefore, I tried multiple means of studying from using the Internet, reading French books, listening to French music, and even beginning a French class. However, none of those worked. I either found French too hard or was too busy with something else.


Less than a month ago, I could barely form a sentence in French and my vocabulary consisted of approximately ten words, including Bonjour, Merci, and Monsieur. Every time I heard a song in French, I simply enjoyed the melody rather than understanding what the lyrics meant. And when my friends had a conversation in French, I enjoyed the sound of the language but could not understand anything.

Therefore, when the chance came for me to take French at Quest, I did not think about it twice. I finally had the opportunity to learn French without having to take multiple other classes or having other obligations.


My “French 1” tutor’s name was Julia. I actually met Julia only a couple of weeks before the class began, since I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about the “French Movie Series.” Even though, Julia did not know me, she was more than happy to tell me about her life experiences before and during Quest and also explain what French movie series is all about. Julia, with her kindness and positivity, left such a positive impression on me that I got even more excited for French 1.

Through the block, we had numerous assignments, which helped improve our English. Everyday we wrote a short blog on a given topic or one of our choosing.
I found it amusing how my blogs at the beginning of the course were very simple and they progressively got longer and more complicated. We also had daily quizzes, which tested our understanding of recently learned material. I found the quizzes to be very helpful because they made me stay on track and practice French everyday. Another assignemnt that I enjoyed a lot were “les Causeries,” which basically were role-playing with partners. The causeries helped us with our spoken French and also thinking on the spot, which is very hard to do with a language you barely speak.

For the final project, we were able to apply our knowledge of French language and francophone culture. Each group of two students chose a certain province in France and prepared a presentation on that province. The presentation included numerous major themes such as geography, major cities, traditions, weather, cuisine and tourist destinations/activities. My friend, Maria-Jose, and I prepared a presentation about the province of Rhône-Alpes. This province is located in the south-western part of France, and it is home of the highest peak in Europe called “Le Mont Blanc.”


This block, I will be taking French 2 with Shira Weidenbaum. I am even more excited to keep working on my French so that I form more complicated sentences, keep bulding my vocabulary, and learn more grammar. It is amazing how I am dedicating 7 weeks of my education at Quest solely to learning French. I would have not had such opportunity elsewhere

By now, I have learned that French is not an easy language. However, this language gives me access to a huge number of books, movies, and websites. French also allows me to communicate with 200 million francophones around the world. And best of all, if I were to travel to France I can now officially order a croissant!



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