Off-Campus fun: Valentine’s day with Ben Howard

No plush toys, cheesy letters or chocolate (maybe just a little chocolate) this past Valentine’s day. Instead I got to enjoy an intimate heart filling live concert from Ben Howard. Even though I am a long way from home (El Salvador) I count on the good fortune of having two of my best friends around an hour away ( they also study in Canadian universities) so I get to see them pretty often. I remember we used to listen to Ben Howard through our last high school year and really enjoyed his music. Who would know a year later we would be seeing him live?

India, a talented musician and part of Ben's group played the guitar, some drums and the cello for the performance.
India, a talented musician and part of Ben’s group played the guitar, some drums and the cello for the performance.

Given that Vancouver is just an hour drive away from Squamish, Quest students have an easy access to the city’s activities, which include the shows of the many artists that come by to play every year. As soon as I found out Ben Howard was coming to play I hurried and bought the tickets with one of my friends. It was very exciting because it was my first concert away from home and Ben is one of my favorite musicians. Once we had the tickets in hand all we had to do was wait for the 14th of February.

The tickets
The tickets

To get to the concert I asked for a ride on the Quest ride page where students offer or ask for rides from other students ( One of the things I love about Quest is how the community actively interacts and helps each other out). I got a ride with two lovely questies who were also going to the concert. Once in Vancouver I met with my Salvadorian friend to enter the arena. The performance felt really cozy and personal, as even though the space was filled up, the audience was fairly small. I really enjoy artists like Ben Howard because their music feels very authentic to me as it is crafted by the artist, not produced by commercial companies. To me that makes his music art rather than a product of the market. Music like that reminds me of Quest students on campus who enjoy performing their pieces at open mics and sharing their works with the community just for the pleasure of it.

The view from our seats
The view from our seats

Inside, we singed, we smiled, we cheered and we enjoyed every bit of it. We came out of the arena feeling satisfied and delighted. The memory of feeling the anticipation, the excitement, seeing the alluring white and blue lights and hearing the beautiful music will be kept in a dear place of my memory. I hope to keep making memories like this during my time at Quest, as much on campus as off-campus. I leave you with some links to some of my favorite songs from Ben Howard in case you are looking for new music and have a few minutes to try them out.

I Forget Where We Were:

Only Love:


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First Image ” India be our valentine” taken from the Ben Howard official Facebook page:

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