Memory Class

“Professor” Shankman at work

One of the great things about the Keystone project at Quest is the ability to be so flexible with what you want to do. After writing a long paper on memory research and various memory models I could have been content, but I wanted to do more. To that end, this month I have been teaching a class on the topics I covered in my paper. Every Monday night Quest students who signed up for my class gather to learn about a different model. Tomorrow night is the conclusion of my class and we are going to cover my favorite subject: memory improvement techniques. It’s a commonly held belief that memory is fairly static, however, this is not the case. With specific strategies and practice, anyone can dramatically improve their memory.

One thing I love about teaching is how challenging/rewarding it is. There hasn’t been a single class where I haven’t been nervous before, and not a single class where I’m not completely excited after. Furthermore, I’ve learned so much myself teaching the class, both in preparation and from the unique perspective my students offer.


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